A car plowed through a local pump station this weekend causing serious damage to the residents' water supply.

On Friday night a car plowed into a pump station responsible for supplying water to a section of the City of Kingston. The damage was extensive, causing the entire Foxhall Avenue pump station to be taken offline.

Images taken of the crash show the car completely breaking through the brick exterior of the station, sending rubble landing all over equipment responsible for supplying residents with drinking water.

Facebook/Kingston Water Department

According to the Kingston Water Department, the shutdown affected water customers from Clifton Avenue to the Benedictine Hospital. As a result of the accident, homes in those areas experienced extremely low water pressure.

By Saturday evening a new pump was installed. As it filled residents were still battling low pressure. The warm weather did not help, as many residents were reportedly using water to wash cars, fill pools and do other outdoor maintenance. The Kingston Water Department urged residents to continue to conserve water until the Florence St. tank could be refilled.

Facebook/Kingston Water Department

Images taken on Saturday show just how much damage was done to the pump station. The exterior wall was completely broken through. Two layers of bricks were scattered around the station like a broken Lego model. The driver of the car was apparently the only one involved in the accident. It's unclear what injuries, if any, resulted from the accident. The driver was taken into custody on Friday night.

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