We've seen a lot of people doing this while on Hudson Valley roadways. Are offenders at risk of being pulled over?

In the state of New York we are continuing to wear medical masks and face coverings to help fight the spread of coronavirus. We just adapted to bringing reusable bags with us everywhere we go and now it's important to remember to take those masks with you when you leave the house. In an effort to not forget their masks, many drivers are keeping them in their car. To keep them off of the floor or car seat people are hanging them from their rearview mirror? Is this legal? Could a driver be pulled over and ticketed?

According to TrafficTickets.com, it is illegal to have any obstruction to the driver's view while operating a vehicle.

This also includes, dice, air fresheners and necklaces. Obstructions of the driver's view can also be caused by ice and snow or even passengers or items piled up in the seat.

Can a driver be pulled over for these obstructions ? Yes, they could if they're breaking the law. Will they be ticketed? That's a trickier question. It does fit the criteria of an obstruction so it is a possibility if the vehicle is in motion. If ticketed for the obstrucuction it could set you back up to $150.

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