Things could have been a whole lot worse for one family Wednesday afternoon as a fire in their camper nearly burned down their Hudson Valley home.

Circleville resident Thomas Hermann Jr. just had the 2003 Fleetwood Bounder fixed. He pulled into his driveway to park it and that's when trouble started. He suspects they left a propane coupling loose on the refrigerator. When it kicked on, it sparked and went up in flames.

Circleville FD sprung into action after being called, and had the fire under control quickly. Unfortunately it had spread, causing extensive damage to the kitchen area and bedroom. Hermann thought to grab the garden hose, after initially calling, and sprayed down the siding on his house preventing further heat damage.

The family uses the Fleetwood to travel to Florida and Myrtle Beach each year. Thomas' autistic son is heartbroken as he loves vacationing in the camper. Hopefully insurance will cover the damage and they'll be back out on the road soon.

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