Buffalo chicken doughnuts and other savory flavors are being made and they're not that far from the Hudson Valley.

The big day is almost here and most of us will celebrate but in different ways. Whether you're going out or staying inside it doesn't matter how you watch the Super Bowl or if you even pay attention to the game at all. What does matter is the food.

We all have our own idea of what traditional big game dishes are. The usual spread consists of things like pizza, chicken wings, mozzarella stick and jalapeno poppers. If it's fried an salty it's usually a touchdown on Sunday.

What about if it's sweet and fried? Desserts aren't something we typically think about during the big game but if a doughnut has Cheetos or Buffalo chicken dip on it is it even considered a dessert?

Would you bring a dozen doughnuts to a Super Bowl party? If you would I may have to invite you to the  I really hope this is a trend that picks up.

You can find these bizarre but amazing looking treats by taking a drive north to Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook. It's just over an hour from the Hudson Valley but it could certainly be worth the drive for people like myself with an epic sweet tooth.

The doughnuts are made to order and available until Sunday.

Sweet and savory is an awesome combination but how does it taste in a doughnut?

Is there room for things like cheese, chicken and chilli in a doughnut. Sure there is and Cosmic Donuts has proved it.

Buffalo Chicken Doughnuts Just an Hour From the Hudson Valley


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