Brett Eldredge has yet another single that is racing up the country charts. This time around it's "Drunk on Your Love" that's getting all the buzz. "Drunk on your Love" comes off his sophomore album "Illinois" and you may have heard us talking about it before.

The song was used for Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line's wedding video. Brett had written the song back in the day and had played it for some of his pals, one of them being Tyler's wife Heather. This was of course before she was Mrs. Hubbard, but she loved the song and in turn used it as the song in their wedding video.

Now that "Drunk on Your Love" is a single, Brett released an official video for the song. Yesterday, he posted a video to his Snapchat account telling everyone to check it out at People.Com. Brett tells People that the song is " a lighthearted, fun, feel-good song and I wanted the video to reflect that." And he delivers, check it out:

Fun fact about the video, the guy getting arrest? That's Brett's brother,Brice. Keeping it in the family.