One Sip Cider is back with another awesome Hudson Valley cider. This month, we put the spotlight on Abandoned Hard Cider. Paige from Boutique Wines, Spirits and Ciders in Fishkill schooled me on this delicious cider with a pretty cool backstory.

Abandoned Cider is based out of Sullivan County, but they source their apples from all over the Hudson Valley. Martin and the team at Abandoned Cider do something unique when looking for apples for their cider. If you happen to have an apple tree in your yard or on your property that you're not actively using, they will come to you, pick your apples and in return give you cider.

Imagine cracking an ice-cold hard cider around all your friends and telling them that you played a part in the creation? How cool would that be?!

Paige and I got to sip on their Hopped, Barrel-Aged and Classic ciders. All were equally delicious and different at the same time. If you like beer but can't drink it anymore and miss that hoppy flavor, you'll definitely want to check out Hopped. If you're like me and enjoy more of a wine flavor, you have to try the Barrel-Aged cider. It has a light, crisp chardonnay taste with hints of maple and vanilla.

Watch below as me and Paige navigate through Abandoned Cider and don't forget to check out their tasting event with the Abandoned Cider makers at Boutique Wines, Spirits and Ciders in Fishkill on Feb. 8 from 1PM to 5PM.