There are worse things we could all do with our down time tonight.

I hope as you read this you have already been out and exercised your right to vote. You've heard it and read it everywhere, "this is the most important election in our lives", so PLEASE VOTE!

I personally voted in Poughkeepsie and was in and out in less than 10 minutes. After hearing about all the lines everyone was waiting in, I packed a lunch and bundled up nice and warm and when I got to my polling site there was no line at all, so I filled out my ballot and headed out to the parking lot where and fan of the radio show stopped me and asked me a question.

She asked if I've ever tried a cake called, Election Cake? I answered her with a quick no. I admitted that I've never heard of any cake like that. Believe me I've tried many a cakes in my life but never an election cake. She said it was something people used to do way back when and told me I should talk about it on the show tomorrow.

I'll do you one better I said, I write an article about it for our website and see if anyone else remembers an election cake. If you do, text me through the Wolf app. If you've never heard of it, I searched around and found what she was talking about on the New York Times website.

According to the Times, waaay back in the day people would bake a specific type of cake on Election Day to get through the long nights of counting ballots. It has the look and feel of a fruit cake and to make it you'll need the basic cake ingredients. Milk, eggs and such.

Get the full cake recipe here and if you bake one, let is know how it goes and more importantly how it tastes.

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