Who was the big loser?

If you have been following along the last week or so, Jess and I decided that we were going to start the New Year with us trying to better ourselves.

Like the saying goes, "New Year, New You" and to do it we have attempted to try and learn the basics of a new language. Last week we took your suggestions as to what language we should try and learn and left it up to the "Hat of Languages".

After reaching deep into the hat, Jess got Russian and I got German and after a week of practice we both went before a legit college professor, our very own news director Bobby Welber.

After going through the basics of each language, counting from one to ten, please, thank you, hello, goodbye and the phrase "Where can I get a cup of coffee", Bobby ruled that I mastered the German language better than Jess did with Russian and yes Jess is still screaming "FOUL".

The loser had to pay up by eating something of the winners choice and I chose my favorite, raw ground beef for Jess and the payoff was priceless...

Great job Jess!!

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