I am not a big reader but boy do I love a bookstore. There is something about the atmosphere, the smell of the new books the energy of the old one all coming together in one place.

Give me a bookstore tucked away around a corner in a small town and I can keep myself busy for hours browsing the shelves. I make it a point to find the local bookstore whenever I visit a town.

A Great List of Hudson Valley Independent Book Stores

The Hudson Valley has a great collection of bookstores that are independently owned and operated. They are the perfect place to start your stack for your summer reading list. Stores like Oblong Books in Rhinebeck have been serving the community for decades. Generations of families have gotten their books off those shelves.

Magpie Bookshop via Facebook
Magpie Bookshop via Facebook

Some bookstores are also cafes and bars like the Rough Draft Bar & Books in Kingston. You can make book shopping into happy hour. Shop with friends and start a book club. Or maybe even sit down and start penning your novel.

Bookstores that Buy and Sell Old Books in the Hudson Valley

If you are hoping to sell a few books to make room for some new ones you may want to stop in at the Montgomery Book Exchange on Clinton Street in Montgomery or Barner Books in New Paltz. Both places buy and sell books so you should be able to get rid of a few while restocking your library for 2024.


Look at this List of Hudosn Valley Bookstores and Find One Near You

Great Hudson Valley Bookstores with More

Bookstores are more than just books. Some offer coffee, some offer beer and others have thrift shop items on the shelves. Here are some great places to find books and more in the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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