Barnum's fictitious cookie animals are now roaming free after being caged for over 100 years. Is this a victory for PETA or is this the perfect marketing stunt for Nabisco?

PETA scored a huge victory for fake animals recently by taking credit for pressuring Nabisco to change the packaging to Branum's Animal Crackers. According to The New York Times, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been lobbying to have the box changed for just over two years now.

We do live in a different time where the treatment of animals is very different than it was over 100 years ago. It's import to note that in the early 1900s, if the circus didn't bring a tiger  or an elephant to your town you would most likely die without ever seeing one.

My question for Nabsico would be why so long for the change? Why not free the animals two years ago if it's so important to you? Why not a decade ago?

I'm sorry for the glass half empty attitude. I just have a hard believing that the cookie giant doesn't have ulterior motives.

I will admit that the animals certainly appear happier...

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