Let me start by saying I am not a parent. I also don't pretend to be one. I respect how people choose to raise their children. After all they are the ones who have to answer to the consequences. I have been known to spoil a child or two. I also have been known to be a little over protective, boarding on helicoptering a child, this happens when you don't have kids and someone asks you to watch theirs. It is easy to imagine horrible things that could happen that would be your fault. You always want to return a child to a parent better off then when you got them. So I am not a "Free Range Babysitter" but could I be a "Free Range Parent"?

So that brings me to the video story attached. CBS News reported this morning about 2 parents in Maryland who are in a bit of hot water because they allow their children to travel around their hometown unaccompanied by an adult. An innocent by stander, which easily could have been you or me, reported to the police that there were children walking around without an adult. Not something you see often now a days. One thing led to another and well watch and decide what you think.

I have heard the term "Free Range Children" I wasn't aware it is an actual parenting style. I do agree that children need to learn independence. After all my parent raised me without constant adult supervision and I think I turn out okay. Some might say - "yeah but you lived in the country"  and to that I reply "so hiking in the woods and playing near ponds is what, safer then crossing a city street?" Either way you have to trust that you have taught your child well and that they understand the difference between dangerous and responsible behavior. Not sure how this will all turn out for this Maryland family but it definitely got me thinking about kids today and all the craziness they have to face.

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