It's 5PM on a Friday in summer. Yes, we all have somewhere to go, but why does that give you (plural) the right to drive like maniacs on Route 9 during rush hour?

I find myself talking (read also, screaming) to myself/fellow commuters often...

  • do you look as stupid as you drive?
  • are you SERIOUSLY going to do that, she's really not going to.....OMG SHE JUST DID!
  • is nobody else seeing what i'm seeing right now?

Earlier this afternoon, I got off 84 East and merged onto Route 9 North in Fishkill and was stopped at the light by the Ramada. Traffic was already backed up due to the construction by WalMart so everyone was doing approximately 7.3MPH on 9.

Someone in the line of cars getting off 84 West driving a giant pick up truck thought it was a good idea to drive into the shoulder, over the median, in front of all of us sitting at the light, and cut into the standstill traffic at the next light up. I used choice words to let him know how I was feeling #sorrynotsorry.

As I finished my rant towards that guy and looked to my left, someone stopped in the left TURNING lane decided red lights don't apply to them, accelerated through the intersection, and proceeded to drive warp speed into the next intersection... this was essentially my response:

Car Crash Face

Is this real life?  What is happening today?  Do I need to drive like a lunatic to get home today?

I feel like I ALWAYS get caught with the craziest drivers at that 9 and 84 exchange in Fishkill. Anyone else?  Is there another area on 9, or in the Hudson Valley in general that you just can't believe your eyes when it comes to the insane moves people make in their cars?

Let's hope this isn't the tone of this entire weekend. TGIF.

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