Amazing and terrifying dash camera video shows Friday's Tappan Zee Bridge tractor-trailer rollover accident as it happens.

On Friday just before 9AM, a tractor-trailer heading north on the bridge rolled over. The trailer was carrying scrap metal, and debris from the accident landed on both sides of the bridge.


Youtube user Hypotenuse posted a video from her husband's dash cam. In the video you can see the truck passing the vehicle from the right lane and then seconds later falling over, right in front, of the vehicle that recorded the crash.



Somehow no one was injured during the accident, including the driver of truck, State Police say.

The accident resulted in all lanes of travel, northbound and southbound, to be closed for a short period of time Friday morning.

Two lanes on the southbound side was reopened first with Thruway Maintenance and the Tow Truck working to get the northbound portion of the roadway opened as quickly as possible.

All lanes of the bridge are open now. And again, amazingly, according to officials nobody was injured.

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