Summertime is supposed to be a stress-free time of year. But what happens when your kid gets invited on a vacation with another family?

Sounds like an easy situation. You say yes and send your kid on their way with a little bit of cash to spend. However, it's not so easy for this Hudson Valley mom.

We received an email from a Wolf listener, who wishes to remain anonymous, asking if she was being a jerk for not letting her son go on vacation with his friend's family due to one inconvenient stipulation. Here's what she wrote:

Hey CJ & Jess,

My 14 year old son was invited on vacation with one of his friend’s families. They’ve been asking us since school let out  and my son really wants to go. They’re heading up to Cape Cod. We gave our son the okay, but we’re just learning that the family he’s going on vacation with wants us to drop him off…in Cape Cod.  I don’t want to upset my son, but its well over 4 hours away and I didn’t know before I said yes that this was part of the plan. Am I a jerk to say my son can only go if they bring him? I mean they’re driving him home why can’t they bring him there too?

As you can see, it's not such an easy getaway.

What should she do? Buckle up and hit the road so her son can enjoy himself this summer or should she tell the family they need to drive her son or he's not going to the Cape?

Text us through the Wolf Mobile App and let us know!

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