The fact that someone even wanted to market this game is a little alarming. Given recent events should we be more protective of games like this being released or is it just unnecessary censorship? This past weekend I was shocked to find out that someone was trying to make a game that puts you in the role of a school or workplace shooter. As someone who supports the right to bear arms and fully understands that it doesn't pertain to hunting or target shooting I found this game to in poor taste.

According to Fortune, The game was created last year by a 21 year old Russian who supposedly didn't understand how the game could cause such offense. The game, Active Shooter was quickly pulled and banned from Steam after a petition to remove it went viral shortly after its initial release.

The game gave the player the choice of either being a police officer or shooter. The role of the shooter scores points by racking up civilian kills. When you think about it is the game really that outrageous compare to other games that have come out? Grand Theft Auto had moments where you could do almost the very same thing. It caused a bit of an uproar be people were quick to defend the game because of its large following and popularity.

After a petition went viral on received over 250,000 votes the game was pulled by its production company.

We probably haven's seen the last of games like this and who knows how many more there are already out there that are just like it.

Was this game pushing the envelope too far? You've got to admit that the message behind it is a little horrific.


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