If you are into trying out new chip flavors, get ready for a mouth explosion.

According to Food Beast, the chip company Lay's has just announced that they are getting ready to roll out 8 new flavors as they laucnh what they are calling the "Tastes of America" line.

I think every time I see new flavors of anything I always say to myself that they have to run out of flavors soon right? Nope! Here are the new flavors that are expected to come out at the end of the month, with each flavor representing a flavor from different parts of the country. Take a look....

1. Deep Dish Pizza, for Chicago.

2. Lobster Roll, for the New England states.

3. Pimento Cheese, for the South.

4. Thai Sweet Chili, for the Pacific Northwest.

5. Fried Pickles with Ranch, representing state fairs everywhere.

6. Crab Spice, for Maryland.

7. Chile Con Queso, for Texas.

8. Cajun Spice, for Louisiana.

I have to be honest that I really think the winner here is definitely the fried pickles with ranch!!!

The new flavors will only be avaible until the end of September and most will only be in stores in the regions they represent. If you want the other ones, you'll have to order them from Lays.com.

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