Can you figure out who did what this weekend?

We do it every Monday and we call it 3 Things from the Weekend where Jess and I try and keep track of the stuff we do over the weekend. We each bring three things that we did over the weekend to the show on Monday’s and give you a chance to get to know us a little bit better by calling in and taking a guess as to who did what.

The 3 things from this weekend are as follows:

Person One:
1. Saw Train and OAR at Bethel Woods
2. Hiked Poets walk in Rhinebeck
3. Had brunch at Umberttos

Person Two:
1. Had breakfast in bed
2. Went swimming with the family
3. Got a little sunburn

So who do you think did what? Find out the answer...

I really could use some sunburn relief. lol. Next time I will listen to my wife when she says to put on sunscreen.

Have a great week and make sure your listening next Monday for another exciting edition of 3 Things from the weekend.

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