It’s a Monday morning tradition. Who did what?

If you don’t know every Monday on the CJ in the morning show we give you a chance to get to know us a little better.

We both keep track of some of the things that we do over the weekend and then every Monday morning we each bring 3 things to the show and give you a chance to call in and try to guess who did what.

The 3 things for this week for each of us are:

Person one:

1. Got Rained on
2. Hung out with some firemen
3. Went car shopping...Kinda

Person Two:

1. Backed Churro cheese cake bars
2. Watched Hidden Figures
3. Hiked Franny Reese Park

So who did what? Find out...

Did you get it right? Our caller got it wrong today as the went car shopping thing thru him for a loop.

Join us every Monday morning for 3 things from the weekend and thanks for playing along.

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