I hope that you at least try to wash your hands a few times a day.

If you do, odds are that you're doing wrong.

According to the Daily Mail, Researchers in Scotland recently found that just soaping them up and rubbing them together leaves a lot of bacteria behind so they say the best way to wash is how doctors and nurses do it.

Here are 6 ways to make sure you do it the right way...

1. Use soap and water, and rub your hands together like you normally would.

2. Keep scrubbing, but interlock your fingers.

3. Rub one hand over the back of your other hand, and interlace your fingers while you do it. So the fingers on one hand should be scrubbing between the fingers on your other one, from the back. Then repeat it with the other hand.

4. Cup your hands then hook them together and twist them from side to side.

5. Interlock the webbing between your thumbs, like you're trying to shake hands with yourself. Then scrub like that for a few seconds.

6. And finally, use the tips of your fingers to scrub the palm of your other hand. Then rinse.

For me, I need a video demonstartion...