The wing-eating world suffered a major shock today at the Wing Bowl in Philadelphia after professional wrestling superstar Mick “Mankind” Foley was ejected from the competition.

Foley allegedly stuffed numerous wings into a fanny pack in order to inflate his wing total, according to the Associated Press. Foley attempted to justify his actions by claiming he didn't want to be remembered for leaving the event stuffed and feeling sick. “So I stretched the rules.” Foley told the Associated Press, “I thought people would appreciate that, right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!”

Spectators took to social media, labeling the scandal “inflategate,” poking fun at the recent “deflategate” controversy surrounding the New England Patriots.

In light of this scandal, Townsquare Media – Hudson Valley staff are taking steps to assure patrons of Hudson Valley Wing Wars that no such wing-related controversy will make its way to the Poughkeepsie event.

"In lieu of the recent Mick Foley incident in Philly, extreme measures will be taken to ensure that no tampering of any kind goes into our wing competition," Townsquare Media – Hudson Valley Promotions Director Joe Echevarria stated. "Eating, not cheating."

Hudson Valley Wing Wars will be making its way to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie on Feb. 21. With many of the best restaurants in the Hudson Valley coming to compete for the coveted King of Wings title and a $5,000 dollar advertising credit, everyone is sure to win in this battle of delicious wings. Cost of admission is only $20. Doors open at 5PM and close at 9PM.