The Hudson Valley has lots to brag about, but who would have thought that we would have the best milk chocolate in the world. The International Chocolate Award went to a small batch chocolatier who uses local dairy products.

If you have never had chocolate from Fruition Chocolate, don't feel bad. It's made in Shokan and you can buy it all over the Hudson Valley. Taking a look at the Fruition website will make you crave their treats in a big way. Owner Bryan Graham has paid his dues, working since a teen in the pastry and chocolate field. He attended the Culinary Institute and as often happens, you wind up working with a person that changes everything for you.

He completed his externship at Jacques Torres Chocolates in NYC.  However, it wasn’t until Bryan made chocolate from bean to bar with Chef Peter Greweling that an interest in the history and science of chocolate and confectionery was sparked.

Fruition Chocolates Maranon Canyon Dark Milk Bar won the Best Milk Chocolate in the World Award at the 2016 International Chocolate Awards. The company has earned many other awards and probably has many more to come. Congratulations to Bryan and the staff at Fruition for being the best in the world.

Fruition Chocolates is located at: 3091 Route 28 in Shokan, New York and they are open everyday except Monday from 11 am to 5 pm. You can also find them in many stores here in the Hudson Valley.