Did this guy have it coming?

As always, I am not one for beating someone else up but in this case, I think some ladies may have done the same thing.

According to the Smoking Gun, some guy named Bengt Nyquist who lives in Vero Beach, Florida recently proposed to his 43-year-old girlfriend Inga and she said yes. Congrats to the happy couple right? Well yes until now.

I guess after the big engagement, Inga was going through some of Bengt's old photos when she came across a picture of Bengt and his ex-girlfriend. And she noticed the woman was wearing an engagement ring. Not just any ring, it was the same ring she was wearing.

Yes it turns out that after Bengt broke off his previous engagement he took back the ring and then used it to propose to Inga.

Like a lot of ladies, Inga blew a gasket when she discovered the re-gift. She grabbed a metal piece of their bed, threw it at his face, and chased him around their place trying to punch him.

When police arrived she was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

There's no word if their engagement is still on or not. Just a bit of advice for any guy thinking of doing the same thing here. DON'T DO IT!!!!

Ladies, would it bother you if you found out that your engagement ring was giving to someone else before you? Let us know in the comment section below.