The City of Beacon is taking steps to go just a little bit greener and I am wondering if the landmark "Dummy Light" on Main Street is part of the plan.


The Dummy Light on lower Main Street has been there since the 1920's. Growing up in Beacon, figuring how to navigate around it and not crash into it was part of learning to drive. This light is one of only a handful of Dummy Lights in the entire country. Heck- it's got it's own Facebook page. What will power it in the future?

According to Mid Hudson News, the City of Beacon has gotten approval to power their street lights using juice from a "remote" solar farm.  The New York State Public Service Commission is giving the ok to towns to go solar with their lights.

The PSC action came at the request of the City of Beacon, Dutchess County and its partners, Sunlight Beacon LLC and BQ Energy LLC.  As part of the agreement, the city will be compensated for the value of solar electricity produced at a solar farm planned for the city’s closed landfill.

I was in Beacon last week and it looks like there is no electricity going to the dead Dummy Light. I'm sure it's not part of the solar street light plan, but it should be. It would certainly become the only solar powered Dummy Light in the country, if not the world. Putting Beacon on the map again. Come on Beacon - light up the dummy!