I love watching CBS Sunday morning and one of my favorite segments is "On the Road with Steve Hartman". I have been a fan of Steve since he debuted his "Everyone has a Story" segment.  When he took over "On the Road" which had been a favorite of mine since Charles Kuralt did it when I was growing up, I knew he was the perfect person to follow in those footsteps. This Sunday's segment did not disappoint it was about one of my favorite subjects, Country Music.

This week he had some family fun with his boys and the questions they posed - why are there so many country songs about drinking. Apparently Steve and his boys enjoy country music. However, Steve grew concerned about all the drinking lyric's in some of the current hits on country radio. And when the boys asked him why so many songs are about drinking he was having trouble finding an answer. So because he can he asked a country music legend to answer the question for him.

Check out what happened when the boys asked American Country Countdown's Kixs Brooks.