BRAD PAISLEY'S new album is called "Moonshine in the Trunk", so somebody asked if he's ever tasted the real thing . . . and if so, does he have a favorite flavor. Turns out he likes the old fashioned kind.

He said, quote, "I would say basic moonshine. There's the flavored stuff . . . there's peach and there's apple pie and all that, but really good basic moonshine is an American art form. It's something to be appreciated as-is."

Brad was also asked where he gets his ideas for lyrics. His answer for that was so simple and so on the money it's worth hearing.

He said, quote, "The best ideas for lyrics in country music are things you would say. We are the format of music that represents normal, everyday life, and I've always said if you wouldn't say it, you shouldn't sing it.

"If it wouldn't come out of your mouth . . . if that's not the sentence you would say, then you should sing it some other way because it'll sound funny."

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