This conversation comes up a few times a year in my house.

It usually goes like this. My daughter or son will ask me if we can go camping soon and I always answer with the same answer. Lets ask mommy. That's my response to most questions. LOL.

When we ask my wife she always says that she wants no part of it and just like Jess said on the show this morning, it's got everything thing to do with not feeling comfortable with sleeping outside.

How do I get my wife to do a camping trip? Is there a secret way that you have used to make it happen?

I've offered to get an RV, the best camping equipment, air mattresses and more and the answer is still no. She always says you can take the kids and she will stay home, but I want all of us to go.

I think I'm just going to take the kids this fall but where do I take them? If your family does the camping thing, where do you go here in the Hudson Valley? Let me know in the comment section below what you consider to be the best place to go camping here in the Hudson Valley and wish me luck.