If you're a Wolf listener first off, thank you so much for listening. CJ and I appreciate it and have so much fun with you every morning. As you're aware, 97.3 is our signal over in Sullivan county and beyond. You might have 94.3/97.3 as a preset in your car and if you have a newer vehicle you have that cool scroll option that tells you what song is playing and who you're listening to.

Melissa Medova / Facebook

Well, we received a few messages last night that our scroll option wasn't exactly The Wolf. It was completely inappropriate and we are sorry for the confusion it may have caused. Thank you all for being so vigilant. Apparently, after we looked into the situation our engineers told us that we were hacked! I think this might be a first for us. I don't know if we should be honored or offended.

Either way, we are looking into it and hope the problem is resolved shortly.