If you are a fan of reality TV and more importantly the show "Shark Tank" , but if you are you are going to love the "West Texas Investors Club" on CNBC. The new season premier is tonight at 10p eastern but I am sure you can catch it on NetFlix or re-broadcast on CNBC if you see this post after it airs.

I have sat through many an episode of "Shark Tank" thinking this is kind of "corporate un-fun". Then this morning I caught a segment with Willie Geist on the NBC Today show with him visiting the set/farm where the big money decisions are made. I guess I should back up. This show is similar to Shark Tank but instead of big name business men and women it is two self made millionaires who are from West Texas and one of them happens to be Matthew McConaughey brother Rooster. yes, Rooster McConaughey and the other is his friend Butch Gilliam

You have to watch it to believe it and you will be surprised at some of the folks looking for money from these good ole boys. Happy binge watching season one.