Tom Surdyke, a cadet at West Point, has died after attempting to rescue a drowning stranger.

On Friday, June 24, Surdyke and another West Point cadet, were swimming at Southampton Beach on Long Island. At approximately 3:30 in the afternoon the two cadets and a third person, who was not known to the West Point students until that day, were caught in a rip current.

According to a Go Fund Me posting set up in his honor, the third individual could not swim. The two cadets attempted to save the man through the rough current but were also swept out to sea. Surdyke was unable to stay above water and drowned. Rescue crews revived Tom and rushed him to the hospital.

Four days later a Facebook posting by Surdyke's mother announced that he had passed away.

The posting indicated that the cadet has decided to donate his organs, which required him to continue on a ventilator for two days after being officially declared dead.

A online scholarship fund has been set up to honor Surdyke's duty, with a portion of the proceeds being set aside to aid the family.

Funds raised in this campaign will (predominantly) go toward the creation of the St. Pius X Leaders Scholarship Fund. It will also use residual funds to seek innovative means to grow leaders that pay dividends back to our country. A small percentage of the funds will be offered to the Surdyke family to mitigate excess expenses caused from this hardship.

Within just 10 hours almost a quarter of the $25 thousand goal has already been reached. If your interested in learning more about the fund you can visit the Go Fund Me posting online.