"How To" and advice books can get a little stale and quite frankly can be a bit depressing. Luckily, YouTube superstar Grace Helbig's new book 'Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending To Be A Grown Up,' in neither of those things!

Grace's Guide will help you navigate through all the weird stuff, like How to Ask Someone Out, How To Survive a Break-Up(there's a work sheet and everything!), Party Guest Survival Tips and a chapter dedicated to Etiquette, while also giving tips about how to handle work and school. Considering it's my second week here on The Wolf Morning Show, the tips for surviving in the work place are coming in handy...don't eat food that doesn't belong to you in the fridge or get into any type of office romances.

I've just started reading and have found myself laughing out loud three or four times through a chapter. While 'Grace's Guide' is mostly directed towards young women, I think everyone can find a common ground throughout the book. We all deal with difficulties at work or in school and Grace touches on all of that with and it will make you feel like you're not the only on going through it. It's a great read so far and I'm having fun, which can't be said for other self-help books ('He's Just Not That into You' was a real thing..I mean, seriously?).

Grace was nice enough to call into The Wolf you can check out the interview below and be listening this week when we play it on the show.

You can purchase the book online at GracesGuideBook.com and in stores!