No doubt you've noticed the weather has been warmer than one might expect for the end of September.  The Dutchess County Airport reported temperatures reached 90 degrees slight before 4pm, Sunday afternoon.  While the high temperature was 86 degrees on Saturday.  Sunday the heat index was also a factor, while the air temperature might have been 90, it felt hotter.

The weather forecast for the first half of the week stays warm, but not as warm as Sunday.  Then a cooling trend begins towards the end of the week.  By the time we reach next Sunday, temperatures will be back into the mid-60's.

The National Weather Service says to expect Sunny conditions with temperatures around 88 degrees in Poughkeepsie on Monday.   Sunny and 86 for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Late day thunderstorms will break up the warm streak late Wednesday.   Thursday will be Sunny and 77.  Then by Saturday and Sunday it will remain dry but temperatures will be around 65 both days.