As far as fad diets go, this one sounds better than eating only radishes and pecans for two weeks or whatever. As long as you're cool with going to bed STARVING.

Researchers at the Salk Institute in California say they've figured out the tricks to helping you lose weight. And according to them, you don't have to tweak your life TOO badly. We disagree. Anyway, here are the basics . . .

1. Eat all of your meals within an eight-hour span.

2. Eat all your meals at the same times every day.

3. Don't eat anything after 4:00 P.M.

The researchers say it helps your body get on a schedule. Basically, your body does a better job burning calories if it can predict when food is coming.

In their tests on mice, the mice who ate within an eight-hour window lost more weight than mice eating the exact same number of calories spread across a longer period.

It was especially effective in mice that were obese . . . by dropping down to the shorter eating timeframe, they dropped around 5% of their body weight in just a few days.