If you love seafood, there is a food truck that you have got to check out. The Lobster Roll is a favorite and you can get one in 57 seconds.

The Hudson Valley's love of food trucks looks like it is a trend that is just getting started. We hosted Peace, Love and Food Trucks at Bethel Woods this summer and the crowd was at capacity. The is a really cool truck that you will see hitting different festivals this fall. It's the Off the Hook Seafood Food Truck.


Owners Joe Carson and Kathy Welte are out of Warwick, but they work the big festivals in Dutchess and Orange counties. They also spend lots of time in New Jersey. Their truck serves up some really delicious seafood.

According to the Daily Voice, Joe loves to make his special clam chowder and the menu is extensive. I would say it has as many offerings as a brick and mortar restaurant. Fresh seafood with a real gourmet twist.

The truck is also known for Kathy’s Saucy Clam Bread, linguini and white clam sauce -- without the linguini. Think tons of garlic, white wine, and fresh clams on toasted Italian bread, topped with shredded Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

That clam bread sounds incredible. Off the Hook will be making the rounds this fall. You can check them out at the Bethel Woods Harvest Festival on October 1st and the following weekend at Bethel's Wine Festival. Oh and if you only have 57 seconds, get the Lobster Roll.

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