Owners that reported their two pit bulls were stolen and savagely attacked now say the animals actually escaped and were hit by a train.

The Daily Freeman reports that an investigation and autopsy conclude that the dogs' injuries were consistent with blunt force trauma from being hit by a train. Investigators agree that the animals were not abducted and attacked by a person.

Both of the owners' dogs escaped their enclosure and were struck by a train. One was able to make their way back to the residence and the other died from their injuries. According to the report, the owners just assumed someone had stolen and harmed the dogs because they say the dogs had never been injured after escaping in the past.

Members of the community were outraged when they heard reports of the dogs being stolen and abused. Former Ulster County Sheriff, Ken Post even donated a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits. Fortunately this wound up not being an act of cruel violence.

This does remind responsible dog owners the importance of keeping their animals safely fenced in. Letting animals frequently escape can cause harm to them and possibly others in the community.