Ulster County has just signed a law that protects animals that are being sold. It sets a standard for care, so these pets are not being abused.

We don't want to believe it, but there are a lot of "puppy mills" here in the Hudson Valley and people over breed animals just to make a buck off them. This not only is illegal, but it is extremely harmful and abusive to innocent animals.

Ulster County Executive Michael Hein signed a very important law that covers lots of different aspects of pet sales. The law goes after "puppy mills" and prohibits the sale of an animal to someone who is a registered animal abuser.

“The humanity of a society is defined by how we treat out companion animals – the defenseless pets that many residents depend on for comfort and protection and that rely on us for their safety and security,” said County Legislature Chairman Kenneth Ronk.

Ulster County has been making a big effort to protect animals and this law is the latest. There is already a county animal abuse registry and a relatively new dog park in New Paltz. The dog park is right across from the Ulster County Fairgrounds and after looking at their website, it's obvious they need some donations. Hopefully you can help with some of those items.