If you live in Ulster County, you can expect a rebate check in your mail box next year. According to the Daily Freeman, Ulster County is the only county in the area to stay under New York’s cap for property tax increases every year since the cap began.

What exactly is the cap for property taxes? The Daily Freeman explains,

Enacted in 2011, the cap sets 2 percent or the rate of inflation (whichever is lower) as the maximum amount local governments and school districts can increase property taxes from one year to the next. School districts need the public’s approval to exceed the cap; a town, city or county can do so with the authorization of its governing body.


As a result, if your county stays below the tax cap, you get some monies back. If it didn't, you won't.  Dutchess, Greene and Orange counties have exceeded it one year each; Sullivan County has exceeded it three times; and Delaware County has gone over it four times, according to the Daily Freeman.