Beacon has become a tourist mecca, and now visitors will have two new hotels to stay at.

Joining the Roundhouse, these new businesses will now bring the total number of hotels in Beacon to three. Mid Hudson News reports that the former Mount Beacon Hotel on Main Street was recently purchased and is now being converted from a boarding house to a hotel.

Another boutique hotel has been under construction on the west side of Beacon for a while and is expected to open this year. Currently, there are several bed and breakfasts that give visitors the option of staying for in town. Outside of the Roundhouse, however, hotel options have been limited, forcing visitors to find rooms in surrounding areas like Fishkill.

Because many tourists come to Beacon on the train from New York City, a lot of them who are used to just calling an Uber to get around have found transportation to be a challenge. With more hotel rooms available right in Beacon, finding a car won't be a problem.

What do you think about the transformation of Beacon into a tourist destination? Are you excited about the revitalization of the city, or do you wish Beacon stayed the way it was?