I Shazam music all the time, whether it's in a commercial, in a movie, sitting in a restaurant, if it catches my ear I want to know who it is and the name of the song. I am a music fan and I have a very eclectic personal music collection of artists, albums, and songs.

I love discovering new artists, new-to-me artists, historical recordings, amazing covers, powerful tributes, you name it, I will listen to it. So with all of this in mind, I thought I’d share some of my music with you in hopes that you will share some of your music with me. You never know what we’ll discover together on Tunesday Tuesday.

Early in 2015, a little song called 'Buy me a Boat', by Chris Janson was released. It became his first top 5 hit and garnered him national attention. It seemed like another 'overnight success', but as we all know, there's no such thing. Chris has been working hard for a few years now, honing his craft and writing songs.

While many think this song was his lucky break, I think we are the lucky ones to have his music to listen to. The more I searched for him, the more I liked him. His energy on stage is nothing short of amazing and he's coming to this year's Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain. You don't want to miss his performance.

Here he is on the Grand Ole Opry in 2014.


His latest song is his story, as he explains.


Don't you just want to go hang out with him?

Don't miss your chance to see Chris Janson at this year's Taste of Country Music Festival! What are you listening to and loving this week. Let me know, I'd love to listen along too.