Donald Trump is back in the Hudson Valley to address the national media after today's primary results are announced.

According to Trump's official website, the presumptive presidential nominee will be making a speech at 9pm tonight from Briarcliff Manor. The candidate will be addressing a crowd at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester.

News networks will all be focused on Trump after polls close in six states today. Hillary Clinton has now secured enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, so her performance in the primary will most likely be a talking point for Trump.

In April, Donald Trump visited the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. It wasn't as clear back then that the candidate would wind up being the Republican frontrunner, but many of his dedicated followers had little doubt that Trump would come out on top.

We spoke with Trump supporters waiting to get into the rally and asked them to explain why they were supporting Donald for president: