Trace Adkins may not have been at Taste of Country Music Festival this past weekend but he was on the "big" and little" screen. On June 10th the movie "Traded" debuted digitally and in limited screen release. Trace Adkins is not the star of the movie but according to "Cowboys and Indians" magazine he steals his scene.

According to "Variety" the movie runs a bit slow but they have given it a few positive mentions in the online review posted yesterday at Variety Online. "Traded" is an indie film about an ex-gunslinger from Kansas in search for his run-away daughter. According to "Variety" it may not be action packed enough for the average high energy western film fan but it delivers on the emotional level. Another recognizable "country star" face in the film is Kris Kristofferson playing the role of a straight shooting bartender.

Also out this past month Trace Adkins' new single "Jesus and Jones". Check out the official video.