Sullivan County was once filled with luxurious summer resorts.  Now, there's very little left of these once great hotels of the 40's and 50's.  While standing abandoned for years, thrill seekers documented their visits on video.

The Pines Resort is no longer there, but before it was completely destroyed this video was taken of the eerie remains:

Taken in 2011, before Grossinger's was torn down, this video shows not only what parts remained, but what those eerie ruins looked like back when the resort was in its glory:

The Concord Hotel was demolished in 2008, but this video from just a year earlier takes a quick ride through most of the lower parts of the building.

Even if you never visited, you probably remember the catchy commercials for The Nevele Grande Hotel.  Parts of the Nevele still stand as developers wait for approval to transform this relic to a casino.  For now, this is what's left: / Antiquity Echoes