Did you know there are songs written about Poughkeepsie? I love Pougkeepsie, but if you are recording a song about it you probably are not looking for it to go screaming up the charts to number one.

Hey - there are not a lot of songs about Webetuck. Just thinking about words that rhyme with that eh, sorry. When was the last time anybody recorded a song about Hopewell Junction? See what I mean - just the name Poughkeepsie lends itself to melody.

Here are the Top 3 songs about our beloved city. Number 3 comes from the band Batteries Not Included. This one actually got a bit of radio play back in the early '90s. See if you remember "Poughkeepsie City of Sin":


I really kinda like that song. You can tell that they spent lots of time in town. Now on with the countdown. The number 2 song about Poughkeepsie comes from Kirk James Folk. I wouldn't call this a positive love ballad about our city, but it is catchy. It's called: "I Ain't Goin to Poughkeepsie".  I bet you have never uttered those words.


That's actually not a bad song. I think I will be playing that one on the show tomorrow. OK- the moment you have been waiting for. Making its way to the NUMBER ONE spot on the songs about Poughkeepsie Countdown - the lyrically challenged "Guy Who Writes Songs about Cities and Towns" with "Poughkeepsie (Very Good City) Wonderful."


How did Ed Sheeran beat this guy for Song of the Year Grammy? Hope you enjoyed our musical look at Poughkeepsie.