Don't drive and text. Don't talk without being hands free. No matter how many times we are warned, the message doesn't get through. State Police wrote thousands of tickets to drivers in the Mid Hudson during "Operation Hang Up".

Governor Cuomo's office released the numbers for the statewide campaign to cut down on distracted driving. Tickets were issued from April 6th through April 10th and the Mid Hudson Valley racked up about 20 percent of those written for the entire state. According to the Governor's website, the State Police were not always that easy for drivers to spot.

Troopers used both marked State Police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles as part of this crackdown in order to more easily identify motorists who are violating the law. CITE vehicles allow the Trooper to better observe driving violations.

There were just over 15,000 tickets written across the state and about 3,300 of those came from the Mid Hudson Valley. Tickets during "Operation Hangup" were written for illegal phone use (distracted driving), speeding, DWI, seat belt violations and "move over". Most of the tickets came from distracted driving.

In just 4 days over 3,300 tickets were written locally. Add to that the number of people who didn't get caught and we still have a very serious problem on our roads. What do you think should be done to stop people from using their phones when behind the wheel? Please leave you suggestions on our Facebook page.