This could be the couples costume you have been waiting for.

Last week, we found out a rather interesting side effect of the Burger King Halloween Whopper. Not because of how it tastes, I hear it's really not that good, but because what happens after you eat it and your body digests it.

Apparently, the black bun is making some people's poop turn green, yes green!

And now, you can celebrate that side effect with a couples Halloween costume.

The website has a guide for what to buy from them if you want to dress up as a black Whopper and a piece of green poop.

It'll take a little work on your part to make the costume come together. They already sell a full-body poop costume all you just have to spray paint it green and pair it with a green wig. They also sell a hamburger costume and all you have to do is use a Sharpie to color it black.