August maybe the month you think of as the end of summer. Vacations are coming to an end. Kids are getting ready to head back to school. But don't count summer out yet, there are still some treats that we can savor at the end of the season.

August has many fresh fruits and vegetables still coming from the farm fields of the Hudson Valley. August maybe the beginning of the apple season which a lot of us think of as a fall event but August is also the month we can enjoy these three C's.

Corn is fresh and ready. Having been knee high in July it is ready for your August dinner table.

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Currants are in full glory and are hoping to be served fresh on pancake or preserved for a winter holiday jam.

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And Cucumbers are perfection in a salad, dressed on a plate or as an accent in a late summer drink.

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These three C's of summer are all in season and ready to be enjoyed.