The first day of school. At this point, your Facebook feed has probably been overrun with photos of all of your friends' kids getting on the school bus or holding up 'first-day' signs. You may even be avoiding social media because of that. But, before we call it a wrap on the first day of school festivities, permit me to share one more story with you, mine.

This morning I had a moment I never thought I'd get, watching a little person I love with all my heart, get on a school bus for the first time.

You see, I was never able to have children. After my son was stillborn, I came to the painful realization that it simply wasn't in the cards for me. My mom told me that if I couldn't have my own children to love, there were plenty others who needed love. When I re-married, I was blessed to have my husband's daughter to love and now we are blessed again with two grandchildren.

Beth Christy

Like many grandparents, we help take care of our grandchildren, and I watched this little baby boy take his first steps, learn to eat with a spoon, become potty-trained, say the alphabet, and so many more magical moments. All of which I never thought I'd get.

Beth Christy

So this morning when this little boy timidly got on the school bus, my heart burst with pride and tears streamed down my face. It's a big moment, one that I was honored and so grateful to be a part of.

Here's to a great first day of school for the kids in your life. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find another box of tissues.

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