We asked for your favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix, iTunes, HBO GO or other streaming services. Below is a list of the Hudson Valley's top 15. Let us know if we missed your favorite!

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1 Breaking Bad  This one seems to be at the top of everyone's cue.  I can't argue since I just finished binging on all 5 seasons.

2 Arrested Development  This seems to be on top of the comedy must-watch list for those who haven't seen it yet.  Most listeners say to stick with the originals and skip the half-hearted new episodes that hit Netflix last year.

3 Game of Thrones  Those with an HBO Go account are encouraged to bite the bullet and start watching.  Just prepare yourself for something called a "red wedding".

4 Lost  If you missed out on Lost when it was on ABC, now would be a great time to catch up.  The best part about binge watching Lost is that you can just keep on watching without having to wait for months after some of TV's most jaw-dropping cliffhangers.

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5 Sons of Anarchy  Heading into it's 7th season, there's plenty of shows to gorge yourself on with this popular FX show about an outlaw motorcycle club.

6 Homeland  Everyone talks about this show but no one I know actually watches it.  Maybe it's time to see what all the hype is about?

7 Dexter  I love binging on a show that has an absolute ending.  For better or worse, Dexter's run on Showtime has ended.  If only for the season of the Trinity Killer, this show is well worth watching.

8 True Detective If you're looking to catch up on a show that has lots of hype and critical acclaim, season one of this Woody Harrelson / Matthew McConaughey may be the way to go.

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9 House of Cards President Obama tweeted an appeal to Americans that read "no spoilers, please" when season 2 of this Kevin Spacey political drama was released.  If the leader of the free world can make some time for House of Cards, it's got to be worth a watch.

10 American Horror Story One listener who suggested American Horror Story said the best part is that each season is it's own story with a beginning and an end... no need to commit to 7 seasons to get a resolution.

11 Prison Break  All four seasons of this show are now available to binge on.  Meat Sandwich highly suggests this one, so take that as a warning.

12 Orange Is The New Black Another Netflix exclusive, OITNB is a pretty realistic look into what happens when an "average" person is thrown into the world of prison.  There's comedy, drama and suspense... a great one for couples to watch and enjoy together.

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13 The Wire Have you seen The Wire?  Did you watch The Wire?  It may be worthwhile to binge on this series just so you don't have to keep answering "no".

14 The Office If you're a fan of the cringe inducing comedy of Steve Carrel's Michael Scott, Ricky Gervais' original bumbling boss, David Brent is far cringe-ier.  While you're at it, Ricky's other projects (Extras, Derek, An Idiot Abroad) are comedy gold and worth watching in their entirety.

15 Portlandia It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but this sketch comedy show has a truly dedicated following.  If you're a fan of quirky off-beat comedy, you probably won't stop watching until you've seen every single episode.

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A list of only 15 shows means that we left a lot of listener suggestions on the cutting room floor. Let us know your favorite below and tell us why we were crazy to leave it off of the list.