We all have childhood memories from a holiday gone wrong. Parents work hard to make sure that everything goes as planned but let's face it some things end up out of their control. My Holiday Horror Story from childhood centers around Easter. Flashback to 1970 when plastic and colored wire Easter baskets were filled with plastic grass and unwrapped goodies. It was typical of the time to throw tons of jelly beans, bright colored yellow peeps and real colored eggs in to a basket and set it out over night for children to find it filled to the brim with goodies the next morning.

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So to fast forward to the end of this Holiday Horror story, it hadn't occurred to my parents that the ant problems we had that spring that were in the kitchen would end up in the living room taking over the Easter baskets. Instead of my sister and I finding a basket filled with candy, we found baskets that were actually moving due to the amount of black ants digging their way through the plastic grass to try to march off with it's contents. Needless to say I still approach an Easter basket with caution.