At one time or another we were all in a classroom that had a pet. Hamsters and guinea pigs always seem to be the popular choices. I have even heard of classrooms with some sort of reptile or amphibian. In the case of this story below it turns out the class pet is a fish.

Pablo is not just any fish, he is a Tilapia who was brought to the classroom with 4 others after a field and he is the sole survivor. The class had gone on a field trip to a fish market in Chinatown and brought the 5 fish back to the class room to live for the rest of the year.

Now that school is heading out for the summer it has come time to decide what to do with Pablo the Tilapia. It seems the teacher not only wanted the kids to learn about Pablo but now they must decide his fate, fish farm or BBQ?

This story ran on The CBS Evening News over the weekend. Hopefully we will find out how this all ends for Pablo the fish. I predict that Pablo will live and move to a fish farm and how do I know this? Because what kid do you know who wants to eat fish? I think it will be hotdogs and burgers at this school year-end BBQ.

Here's to all of you brave parents feeding the class pet in your home this summer.