Oh boy! Tonight should be very,very interesting.

The stage is set at Hofstra University down in Long Island. Tonight is the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I don't think much needs to be said, but people are passionate about their candidate and both Trump and Clinton are bringing their A games tonight.

Getty Images/Alex Wong

Personally, I'm not watching to be swayed on who to vote for but more for the entertainment factor. For every debate if you scroll the internet you're likely to find a drinking game of sorts. So for example AMNY.Com drinking game goes as follows:

  • When Clinton diverts a question about her emails- Drink
  • If Trump says he knows more about ISIS than the government- Drink

Those are great examples, but it's a little too intense for me and CJ. So we came up with a list, with your help, this morning of words we might hear tonight. Tonight if you're tuning in to the Presidential Super Bowl debate listen for these words from your candidates. If you hear it, take a drink...it's going to be a long night.





We had another caller suggest playing the "Not So Humble Pie" version of the game. If either candidate compliments themselves...you can go on and drink up.I'm a big fan of BS Rick's suggestion. As soon as the debate starts pour yourself a drink and keep drinking until it makes sense.

I think we covered all of our bases, but if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know. And let's keep this family friendly...it's all in good fun.

Will you be watching tonight?